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COPD/HF Learning Module - Update

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COPD/HF Learning Module - Update
by Lucy Last - Monday, 18 June 2018, 3:31 PM

The COPD/HF Learning Module is currently undergoing a refresh under the Module Evolution Project (MEP) and is intended for release later this Summer. 

Previously, participants taking the COPD Learning Module physicians were trained to use the COPD6 spirometers to measure the air capacity of a patient’s lungs, and were provided with a device for in practice use if they were interested. However, data and feedback collected from past participants and RST Coordinators/Coaches indicated a low value proposition for the amount of time in session allocated to use of the COPD6 device due to resource allocation and associated cost. Additionally, respirologists are concerned with the use and training of COPD6 devices, the internal battery typically has a short life expectancy – possibly leading to poor feedback. Therefore, the devices are no longer provided for the sessions, and the time spent on spirometry has been significantly reduced. 

The refreshed COPD module includes eight topic areas, and allows participants to take part in various quality improvement (QI) activities post-learning sessions (i.e. Action Period and QI Follow-Up Session). We look forward to providing more information on the refreshed content in the near future.