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Divisions Dispatch
by Lucy Last - Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 2:36 PM

 June 22, 2018

Continued clarification: PCN EOI second intake date

As highlighted in previous editions of Divisions Dispatch, the next intake for PCN EOI submissions will be September 17, 2018. There will be opportunity for further intakes starting in the new year, however these dates have not yet been confirmed. The September 2018 intake will include up to 20 CSCs, depending on Ministry and GPSC staff capacity to provide adequate support.

PMH-PCN Evidence Summary

Based on the popularity of the evidence supporting adopting a patient medical home model, the GPSC reviewed additional studies that showcase a variety of positive outcomes.

Read the short summary.

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Team-based care: Family doctors and nurses partner to improve patient care in BC communities

Family doctors in communities around BC  are working with nurses to provide patient care in both family practice and community settings. Different team-based approaches are improving patient care in various communities around the province. This includes an innovative model piloted by Fraser Northwest Division to improve care for homebound frail elderly patients that has expanded to other Fraser Health communities.

A new story collection highlights these approaches and how strong partnerships between divisions and health authorities are enabling the move toward an integrated system of primary care.

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GP credits Nanaimo Division’s Suboxone Physician E-Mentor Program with improving patient’s life

The Nanaimo Division’s innovative physician support line, the Suboxone Physician E-Mentor Program, was highlighted on CBC last week, following an announcement that Suboxone is now recognized as the first line of treatment for opioid substitution therapy. Started in 2017, the E-Mentor program places Nanaimo physicians at the forefront of ensuring GPs are confident in starting Suboxone treatment therapy in line with the new treatment recommendations.

During an interview on CBC’s “On the Island” show, Dr Kristy Williams spoke about starting a patient on Suboxone treatment using support from the E-Mentor program, which, according to Dr Williams, has “totally changed the patient’s life.”

Click here to read more.

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Fraser Northwest advance care planning project improves dignity and quality of life for patients

Recognizing that advance care planning conversations are key to ensuring patients receive end-of-life care that aligns with their needs and beliefs, Fraser Northwest Division has worked with Fraser Health to implement an effective and reliable method of transferring this information between doctors’ offices and facilities.

The Division’s work with the health authority led to the 2016 implementation of a fax system through which GPs can fax Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST) forms, which are then uploaded to MediTech and are available at all Fraser Health hospitals. This system of communicating patients’ advance care planning wishes is already showing a positive impact on patient care.

Click here to read more about Fraser Northwest Division’s work on advance care planning, and the difference it has made for one local family.

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GPSC Co-chair Dr Shelley Ross receives Silver Medal of Service award

At the Doctors of BC annual general meeting on June 2, Dr Shelley Ross received the Silver Medal of Service award for her outstanding contributions to medicine and improving the welfare of British Columbians. Through her involvement with the Medical Women’s International Association, Dr Ross has significantly influenced women’s health care locally and internationally, and has advocated on behalf of women in medicine.

Every year, Doctors of BC acknowledges the outstanding contributions of physicians from across the province who continue to make a meaningful difference for patients, the profession, and for the entire health care system.

To read more about Dr Ross and the other Doctors of BC award winners, click here.

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What new doctors want: Attracting med school grads and GP residents to practice in BC

A panel of new grads and residents at the GPSC Spring Summit described their hopes, aspirations, and concerns for their future careers during a session entitled “Recruitment and Retention: A Conversation with the Next Generation of Family Doctors.”

Participants said the ideal practice would enable them to leave their patients in good hands when they need a break, and to work alongside nurses, allied health practitioners, and other doctors in a team environment where they can achieve work-life balance.

Click here to read a summary of the session.

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GPSC-JSC Rural Workshop Summary report now available

In November 2017, the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) and the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC) hosted a joint workshop entitled “Enhancements in Rural Health Care Provision.” The workshop gave the two committees an opportunity to share information and better understand each other’s work. Using an appreciative inquiry approach, the group participated in table discussions focused on six rural health care themes: access, team-based care, data and quality improvement, connection to community, resiliency, and networks.

The resulting summary report outlines the strengths, enablers, opportunities, and key changes that were highlighted during workshop discussions.

Read the report.

For more information, please contact the GPSC at or the JSC at

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New Rapid Access Spine Triage Program at Vancouver General Hospital

The Rapid Access Spine Triage Program at the Brenda and David McLean Integrated Spine Clinic is a new service for patients with non-emergent spinal complaints. Working with medical practitioners and spine surgeons, senior advanced practice physiotherapists with spine-specific advanced training conduct clinical assessments and triage patients who need to see a surgeon. Referring physicians receive a detailed report, and patients requiring a surgical consultation are booked on an expedited basis.

To refer a patient, use the referral form.

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Paula Carr takes on new provincial office role of Manager, GPSC Liaisons

Paula Carr, formerly a GPSC Community Liaison, is now in the newly created role of Manager, GPSC Liaisons. Her focus will be on enhancing primary care through implementing the PMH and PCN and managing the GPSC Community and Regional Liaisons. Paula has more than 30 years of experience as an executive director of several non-profit and charitable organizations and a background in engagement and leadership development, organizational development, and collaborative work with public and private stakeholders.

Paula began in her new role on June 18.

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New BC Medical Journal website has launched

The new BC Medical Journal website — — has launched. The website has been completely updated but continues to retain its rich archive of open-access content. Users can now:

  • Find articles quickly and share them easily via Twitter, Facebook, or email.
  • See what others are reading in Most Viewed Content.
  • Scan current job postings and CME opportunities.
  • View on a mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • Sign up for a free e-subscription.

Celebrating its 60th anniversary, the BCMJ, a publication of Doctors of BC, provides peer-reviewed clinical and review articles written primarily by BC physicians, for BC physicians. The journal also features debate on medicine and medical politics in editorials, letters, and essays; BC medical news; career and CME listings; physician profiles; and more, including the GPSC column.

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Clinical resources available to support ER and generalist physicians

The BC Emergency Medicine Network website includes more than 267 online clinical resources to support  physicians working in tertiary, large community, rural, and remote emergency departments across BC. Network membership is required to access these resources, which include:

  • 62 clinical summaries.
  • 66 patient info sheets in multiple language.
  • 63 procedural videos.
  • 49 recommended apps and sites for providers and patients.
  • 27 ECGs.

Membership is free and open to full-time emergency physicians and generalists in small communities in BC. Click here to register.

For more information, visit the website, or email

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Where to find information about Divisions IT service disruptions

The provincial Divisions IT Bulletins page provides information on system-wide service interruptions affecting centrally-supported divisions IT tools, including email issues, planned maintenance, and outages. In cases of unplanned service interruptions, the provincial Divisions office staff sends an email notification, however you can also check the bulletins page when there are issues with email or to confirm whether the central office is already working to resolve an issue.

The most up-to-date information on email service interruptions can be found on Robson Communications service bulletin page, where you can subscribe to issue notification emails using a secondary email address. You can also contact the Robson support team by submitting an email support request at

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Family Healthy Living Program seeking patient referrals

The Family Healthy Living Program is seeking GP assistance in helping families with children ages 8-12 who have a BMI-for-age above the 85th percentile to register for their early intervention program. Developed by the Childhood Obesity Foundation, the free 10-week program promotes healthy lifestyle practices for families. Topics include:

  • Introduction to healthy eating and active living.
  • Setting goals and using effective rewards.
  • Healthy body image and self-esteem.
  • Managing stress.
  • Creating positive family mealtimes and physical activity experiences.
  • Family, food, and getting active outdoors.
  • Positive parenting.
  • Cooking and playing together.

The program is seeking registrants for a fall 2018 start date. For program details including locations and contact information for interested families, visit their website.

For inquiries, contact Karen Strange, Project Director, or call 1-250-882-6755.

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Patients as Partners monthly bulletin

The Patients as Partners initiative creates a monthly activity guide containing learning opportunities available to physicians and health care providers, as well as events and activities available to patients. To subscribe to the monthly bulletin, contact Jag Mangat.

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