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Patient Experience Tool Update

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Patient Experience Tool Update
by Shenise Power - Wednesday, 1 August 2018, 11:48 AM

Patient Experience Tool Update:


The GPSC has asked that the Practice Support Program (PSP) along with the Doctors Technology Office (DTO) spend some time exploring the best possible way to roll-out using patient experience data for interested physicians and their teams.  Specifically, the idea of adapting the tool to be an app and not providing hardware to the practices will be further examined.   


As proper due diligence takes time and not wanting to lose the momentum gathered around the tool over these past 2 years, PSP along with the DTO will go to the GPSC Core Group on Friday, August 17th will an interim proposal to onboard waitlisted physicians/clinics and interested PCN Communities using the current platform.


The proposal to GPSC will also include due diligence tasks to explore other options/survey platforms being performed in parallel with the proposed deployment and PSP/DTO going back to the GPSC in early 2019 with recommendations on the ‘how’ of a provincial rollout for patient experience data collection and reporting.


Following the decision at core, we will provide an update here on the PSP Exchange. We also commit to a broader communication to physicians and divisions once we have something tangible to share and have approval by the committee – so please stay tuned.


If you have any questions/concerns please post them in the Patient Experience Tool Forum found here on the Exchange or contact Christina Thomas at