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Understanding your Patient Panel - soon to be available in OSCAR

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Understanding your Patient Panel - soon to be available in OSCAR
by Lucy Last - Friday, 19 January 2018, 12:06 PM

Understanding your Patient Panel: soon to be available in OSCAR

In our continued work to support physicians in Understanding their Patient Panels, we have contracted with OSCAR BC to build a dashboard tool to facilitate this work for OSCAR users. The project was successfully launched in mid-December and we are very excited to be able to continue to support you and the physicians in doing this foundational work.

Upcoming Milestones:

Beta testing: February 2018

Training for RSTs: March 2018

Provincial deployment: March 2018

There will be an additional step that is important to note; in order to access the tool, physicians will have to upgrade their systems to the OSCAR 15 version. Please advise interested physicians to contact their local OSP to initiate this process or if they have any questions about what is involved in upgrading. The PSP Understanding your Patient Panel Dashboard will be built into the core functionality of OSCAR 15 and thus will be available to ALL users once they have upgraded.  

If you have any questions regarding this project please contact Stan Shaw ( or Delrae Fawcett (