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GP Billing Education Strategy

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GP Billing Education Strategy
by Lucy Last - Monday, 27 August 2018, 2:48 PM

Good Afternoon RSTs,


A GP Billing Education Strategy is currently being established to better support GPs and their use of GPSC incentives. This work is being undertaken collaboratively between the GPSC, Doctors of BC, and the Society of General Practitioners.


A key piece of the strategy includes the development and rollout of new GP billing education supports. These supports will offer opportunities for GPs across the province to participate in billing education workshops and events pertaining to GPSC incentives. The July RST Billing Survey, which is part of this Strategy, will also inform and prioritize the development of new supports pertaining to GP billing education. As those survey results and next steps of action are being considered, we would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey—your input is very valuable to us, and more details will be forthcoming soon.


Beyond the RST Billing Survey, additional work is underway. Below is a summary of this work, and two distinct requests for RSTs to further support new billing education resources. These requests involve 1) billing educator recruitment, and 2) a GPSC Incentives Needs Assessment to identify needs and support content development. As RSTs, your support will continue to be instrumental in ensuring the success of the Billing Education Strategy.


1. Billing Educator Recruitment

The main outcome of the Billing Education Strategy is to offer GPs the opportunity to receive ongoing, proactive billing education on GPSC incentives from GP peers who are trained as “billing educators.” We are looking for your help to recruit billing educators across the province in order to add capacity to an existing group of billing experts. Rather than conducting a broad, provincial call-out to recruit potential billing educators, we would like to target recruitment by leveraging your existing relationships with physicians.


Request: Do you know of a physician that might be interested in becoming a billing educator?

 Let us know who these physicians are!

Notify Nicolle Wayara, GPSC Analyst, at of any physicians who you think might be interested in becoming a billing educator.


Nicolle will initiate direct contact with those physicians  information on billing education, answering questions, onboarding, training, etc.).


We would like to request that RST coaches, coordinators, and physician peer mentors refrain from engaging or approaching physicians directly to participate in this opportunity. Rather, we ask that RSTs support the recruitment process by allowing us to mine your knowledge of physicians who you believe may be interested in the billing educator role.


The table below includes details you can consider when thinking of physicians who might be good candidates for the billing educator role. 

Billing Educator Details

Ideal billing educators are:


  • GPs who use GPSC incentives and are familiar with the GPSC incentive offerings.
  • Ideally Doctors of BC members in good standing.

Billing educators would undertake the following:

  • Commit to presenting 3 to 10 webinar-based or in-person billing education workshops within their Health Authority region per year.
  • Participate in training, supplemented with brief, quarterly meetings through a Billing Education Community of Practice in order to receive regular updates on fee changes, etc.
  • Become familiar with GPSC billing education material, which includes standardized slide sets and resources.
  • Minimal/no post-workshop responsibilities.

Billing educators will be supported with:


  • In-depth training.
  • Access to billing and audit experts.
  • Access to SGP billing guides online.
  • Regularly updated resource packages.
  • Compensation for time out of practice at the current sessional rate.
  • Tech support for webinars.
  • Travel expenses where appropriate.


If you are aware of any GPs who would be interested in becoming billing educators, or if you know of any great potential candidates for the role, please contact Nicolle Wayara, Analyst, at to provide further information.



2. GPSC Billing Education Incentives Needs Assessment to identify needs and support content development

In order to better understand the content that will be delivered during billing education workshops and events, a forthcoming survey will be available to all GPs who currently use or have used GPSC incentives.


The survey opened at 9:00 AM on August 15th, and will close at 11:59PM on September 9th. Survey results will help identify which GPSC incentive offerings require additional support or clarification as per the needs of physicians, and this information will be used to develop new billing education content.


Results from the RST Billing Survey and this broader GP Billing Education Needs Assessment will be integral to building out resources that better support GP’s use of GPSC incentives.


Request: Please encourage physicians that you support to take the GPSC Billing Education Needs Assessment, available here.


Unlike billing education recruitment, the survey is intended for all GPs who utilize GPSC incentives.

For clarification, additional information, or questions, please contact Nicolle Wayara, Analyst at