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New Process: Content Maintenance Log

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New Process: Content Maintenance Log
by Caroline McGechaen - Thursday, 1 February 2018, 2:55 PM

As we continue to refine our process for maintaining quality, evidence-based content for PSP learning modules and small group learning sessions, we have reviewed our current procedure for gathering change requests from the field. We’ve identified some key problems with tracking, changing and communicating those changes back to the regional support teams which has resulted in a new process.

The Content Change Request Form, once located on the PSP Website and now located on The Exchange, is now called the Content Maintenance Log! Requests for content changes will now be submitted into the Content Maintenance Log, and addressed by our Clinical Advisory Team of physicians and content experts. Requests will now be triaged based on urgency, with non-urgent requests addressed at regularly scheduled intervals linked with the content maintenance schedule the Clinical Advisory Team will review each request and determine the most appropriate course of action. All decisions will be recorded, summarized and made available on The Exchange once the content updates have been completed.

We anticipate that a quarterly update of content will not suffice for certain requests that require immediate attention but are not urgent, such as the addition of updated forms or tools. In these cases, The Exchange will be the space for communicating out these new materials so that they are available immediately. The coordinator making the request will both submit the change to the Log and also post the new content or information to the Learning Module or SGLS forum on The Exchange.


What does this mean for you as a coordinator/coach?

  • There is no difference to the way you log your content maintenance requests, and the form is now located on The Exchange.

  • Urgent, time sensitive requests will be triaged and addressed by a team of physicians acting as Clinical Advisors.

  • There will now be a mechanism for you to share information, updated tools or forms, delivery experience and non-urgent learnings identified between maintenance cycles via The Exchange using the forums.

  • Remember to subscribe to these forums for alerts and keep up to date on new materials between quarterly updates and for new content alerts from PSP Provincial Office

  • Any technical issues which prohibit the use of the material (ex. broken links) can now be reported directly to Caroline McGechaen at