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*NEW* PSP Framework Training Videos

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*NEW* PSP Framework Training Videos
by Shenise Power - Friday, 21 December 2018, 1:33 PM

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Please find some new topic specific training videos that focus on the materials discussed at RST Days Fall 2018 and the new PSP Practice Facilitation Framework. These videos will aid in the onboarding process of new team members, provide a refresh of some material for those who have been with us a bit longer as well as new tips and tricks on various topics involved in your role with PSP. All of these videos can be found through the hyperlink or through the navigation path below.


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Videos released this week:

PSP Practice Facilitation Framework: Building QI Capacity

The PSP Practice Facilitation Framework was created through evidence based best practices from other jurisdictions along with various consultations with Regional Support Team member and Leads through means of the Framework Implementation Team ( FIT) and CrossFIT team.  This video (link above) briefly outlines the framework and the journey it has gone through, as well as provides direct examples and shared experiences from the CrossFit team members on their involvement in the creation process. Please click here to find a full summary of the RST Days Event November 2018 and PSP’s Practice Facilitation Framework.


PSP QI Framework: Domains

The Domains of the PSP Practice Facilitation Framework are the foundational building blocks in order for QI capacity to exist within a practice. There are four domains that are outlined; Practice Team, Process Management, Measurement, and EMR Optimization. This video (link above) outlines the domains and explains the process in which they are used and created. Please click here to find link a summary of the Domains.

PSP Practice Facilitation Framework: Clinical Prototype

Ron Gorospe and Jo Styles from the Interior Health region shared their experience and story of a Clinical Prototype that reflects the new PSP QI framework and has aided in its development. This video outlines their experience and process working with this specific clinic and how the stages of the PSP Practice Facilitation Framework fit into their work. Through this video Ron and Jo share their experiences, successes, and challenges to provide experiential examples of the new PSP QI Framework in action.



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