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March 8 & 14 2018 - Developing an Integrated System of Care

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March 8 & 14 2018 - Developing an Integrated System of Care
by Lucy Last - Thursday, 15 March 2018, 8:55 AM

The GPSC recently hosted two meetings in respect of CSC’s Expression of Interest submissions and the enhancement of developing an integrated system of care.

The first workshop, held on March 8th, met with the first wave of selected communities (Burnaby, South Okanagan Similkameen, Richmond, Comox and Prince George) and support staff in the development of the Patient Medical Home and implementation of Primary Care Networks. Attendees included family doctors, Health Authorities, CSCs, regional PSP teams, Doctors of BC and Ministry of Health support staff who came together to talk about shifting primary care towards an integrated system of care and figuring out what that means for each partner.

The second meeting on March 14th was aimed at a more operational level, meeting with CSC members, Regional PSP staff, Doctors of BC staff and Ministry of Health staff to continue adding value to the development of this work.

Both meetings were deemed a success and are expected to continue to further allow for collaboration and engagement.

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