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Updates on the Framework, Prototypes, Action Plans and more!

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Updates on the Framework, Prototypes, Action Plans and more!
by Shenise Power - Friday, 1 February 2019, 11:13 AM

Hi Everyone,

I know there has been much communication regarding the Framework since shortly after RST Days. Our last official communication around the Framework was my post on November 19th! Since RST Days, we’ve been taking some time at the provincial office to think through the next steps around framework prototypes, gathering and developing tools and resources, updates to COMET, certification and compensation, competencies and training, communication plans, and milestones. We’ve also started thinking through our workplan for 2019/20 and considering how we’re going to manage each of these pieces of work. There’s a lot here and I know we’re excited to dig more into each of these various pieces!

As you may have heard, we met with the regional leads in mid-December. One of the main purposes of our time together was to talk through the feedback gathered in the Milestones session at the end of RST Days and determine the first steps in transitioning to the approach outlined in the Framework. Together, we determined we’d begin with developing a more in-depth Action Plan to define the work with physicians. To this end, we’ve been working with the Leads and a few members of the FIT to define an updated Practice Facilitation Action Plan. We’re be programming this as an option in COMET and will be holding a webinar mid-February to provide an overview and some guidance on how this will be used.

Additionally, we’re looking to learn more about how various PSP content and tools are used in the context of the Framework in practice. More information will be coming soon regarding these additional prototypes.

There’s a lot of work happening in the background and now that we have everyone back from holidays we’re ramping up again! Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!