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Practice Facilitation Framework - Prototypes

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Practice Facilitation Framework - Prototypes
by Shenise Power - Friday, 8 March 2019, 1:12 PM

Good afternoon Leads, Coordinators, and Coaches,

As we start moving into the implementation phase of the Practice Facilitation Framework, the PSP Provincial team is recruiting a cohort of additional prototype practices. These team members will work closely with us to help develop a better understanding of what the practice facilitation approach looks like at the practice level for various PSP service offerings. Prototypes will test and provide feedback on new tools and resources, as well as documentation processes and training.

We are recruiting prototypes for the following service offerings: In alignment with the Practice Facilitation Framework…

GPSC PMH Assessment: Understand the process for generating QI projects from the PMH Assessment and test new TBC QI-focused questions

GPSC Patient Experience: Establish and test a structured approach to engage and coach practices using patient experience data

Panel Management: Test the alignment of Phase 3 of the workbook with the Framework and the Panel Practice Assessment

PSP Evolved Content – COPD: Support development of delivery processes for evolved content, including process of delivering tailored sessions

PSP New Content - Substance Use:  Pilot new content for flexible delivery use

Refreshed Advanced Access/Office Efficiency Content: Update and integrate content for flexible delivery use

Please read the Practice Facilitation Prototype Project Outline for a more detailed outline of the project scope and expectations.

We are looking for PSP Coordinators/Coaches who have:

A willingness to implement and test the practice facilitation approach and associated tools and resources with a prototype practice (team or individual physician)

Knowledgeable about and confident with QI methodology and data-informed improvement

Strong coaching skills (e.g. confident and able to coach a practice to implement QI methodology and develop measures for a QI project regardless of the physician’s base knowledge of QI methodology; able to pull in resources such as Peer Mentors and experienced coaches/coordinators when needed; etc.)

Sufficient capacity to attend regular meetings/calls with PSP Provincial Office to test tools and provide feedback and develop processes for Practice Facilitation Manuals

A willingness to share learnings with a wider audience (e.g. RST Days, GPSC external communications, etc.)

An existing relationship with a practice that would be willing to be a prototype and has the majority of the criteria listed in the project outline attached (We are looking to work with practices who are ready for change, have a potential QI project in mind that is aligned with one of the PSP service offerings listed above, and recognize the time commitment involved)

If you are interested in prototyping one of the service offerings with us, please:

1. Share your interest with your Regional Lead first to discuss your capacity to take on this project while balancing the needs/demands of the PSP participants in your region.

2. Discuss the prototype project with the practice you have in mind to confirm their interest in participating as a prototype. We have provided some communication to support your discussion here: Engaging with Physicians and Practices about Prototypes: Discussion Support .

3. Fill out this one-page Prototype Proposal to describe the scope of the potential prototype and demonstrate how the practice meets the prototype criteria. Depending on the number of proposals we receive, not all prototypes may be selected or there may be an additional round of recruitment.

If you have any questions, please post your question on the Exchange or email Felicia at If you are unsure about whether you have a potential prototype practice, feel free to reach out to your Lead or Felicia to discuss!

Please submit your prototype proposal to Felicia ( by March 25th, 2019.