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Update on the PMA

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Update on the PMA
by Shenise Power - Monday, 11 March 2019, 8:38 AM

Hi everyone,

I wanted to advise that late on Friday, member physicians were notified that a tentative Physician Master Agreement has been reached between the Doctors of BC and the provincial government.  Physicians have received details about this tentative agreement through a letter from the president of Doctors of BC. Those details are available at; please note access is restricted to members and requires a login and password.  

Physicians will participate in a ratification vote on this tentative agreement before the end of March. Once the physician master agreement has been ratified, we will be able to share details with you. In the meantime:   

  • If your physicians have questions or if they want to arrange an information session about the tentative agreement, they can send an enquiry to
  • If your physicians have questions about the ratification voting process, they can direct those enquiries to