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Bittersweet Departure from PSP Provincial Office

Picture of Lucy Last
Re: Bittersweet Departure from PSP Provincial Office
by Lucy Last - Wednesday, 2 May 2018, 10:26 AM

(Posted on behalf of Alana Godin)

Good morning everyone!

The Community, Practice and Quality team is very pleased to announce Lucy Last is the successful candidate for the Project Coordinator, Content Development position. In her new role, Lucy will be coordinating the Practice Support Program’s content development and maintenance portfolio, stewarding the work to produce high-quality, evidence-based learning resources and opportunities for physicians and their teams. She will also be maintaining the existing learning modules and small group learning sessions – no small task!  Lucy will also be the team lead on the “PSP Exchange”, a one-stop-shop intranet/training/communication tool for the Regional Support Teams and Doctor/MOA Peer Mentors out in the field.    

 We are so thrilled to welcome you to this work, Lucy!

 Say hi to Lucy and find out which of these three tidbits is, in fact, a lie:


1. As a child Lucy attended a circus training school;

2. She can cite the alphabet backwards;

3. She and her husband, Jon, have matching tattoos of a pretzel.