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Movie Monday's!

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Movie Monday's!
by Shenise Power - Monday, 4 June 2018, 9:41 AM

Welcome to Movie Monday’s!

Each Monday for the month of May and June we will be releasing a new training or informational video (or series of videos). These videos will aid in the onboarding process of new team members, provide a refresh of some material for those who have been with us a bit longer as well as new tips and tricks on various topics involved in your role with PSP. All of these videos can be found through the hyperlink below as they are released each Monday.


Videos released this week:

COMET Training Video (1) - Introduction Ribbon

COMET Training Video (2) - Dashboard

  COMET Training Video (3) - Contact Communications

 COMET Training Video (4) - Organization Role

COMET Training Video (5) - Modules

  COMET Training Video (6) - Modules Continued

 COMET Training Video (7) - Remaining Records

COMET is a provincially standardized data management system used to; facilitate integrated practice support and service delivery, standardize reporting across all Regional Support Teams, and support data collection for quality improvement. COMET stands for Collaborative Online Measurement and Engagement Toolset. These training videos have been broken down into 7 components to make it easier to access the exact topic or training in COMET that you are looking for. The training video outlines the basic skills and navigation techniques to use COMET to its full potential.



Grab your morning coffee and take a look!

Happy watching


If you have any questions about the videos please contact Shenise Power (