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TBC Kick - Off Webinar Registration

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TBC Kick - Off Webinar Registration
by Shenise Power - Friday, 15 June 2018, 11:07 AM


Good afternoon Coordinators and Coaches,

Please find through the link below the registration for the Team Based Care Content Kick-off Webinar. Please ensure to register prior to the webinar so we will be able to gather the numbers on who is attending in order to prepare in advance. This webinar will provide an orientation to TBC Small Group Learning series, including the new targeted delivery approach, the development process, the series approach, and an overview of the Facilitator Guides. Please note that this session may be most useful to those working with clinics already involved in this type of care environment. Please take a look at the one-pager and access form/guidelines prior to the session.

TBC SGLS One-Pager May 2018

TBC SGLS Access Form


This webinar will be recorded and upon completion posted on the Exchange for viewing. Therefore, if you are unable to make this time slot due to availability or are not involved within a Team Based Care clinic environment yet, you will still have access to this information to view when it is appropriate.


Materials for three certified TBC SGLS sessions (Foundations, Patient Centered Care, and Interprofessional Communications) will be shared next week via the Exchange.




Thank you, please let us know if you have any questions.


Kind regards,


PSP Provincial Office