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Moving from Understanding to Management

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Moving from Understanding to Management
by Lucy Last - Monday, 18 June 2018, 8:09 AM

PSP’s Understanding your Patient Panel program began as a pilot program to build simplified reporting tools in EMRs and to train RSTs on how to use the tools to support physicians in cleaning up and understanding their patient panels. Based on the feedback from your teams and evidence from other provinces and countries, we are expanding and re-framing our program to encompass the overall activities of Panel Management. 

Panel Management has been aptly defined as: “…a set of tools and processes for population based care that are applied systematically at a level of a primary care panel, with GPs directing proactive care for their empaneled patients.” 

This definition signifies the importance of both tools AND processes, highlighting that panel management goes beyond clean data and represents a change in how a clinic practices. 

The Phases of Panel Management was designed to organize the work (and the roles of both coordinators/coaches and the clinic's teams) involved in moving towards pro-active care; Phase 1: Empanelment, Phase 2: Panel Clean-up, Phase 3: Panel Optimization, all with underlying office workflow considerations. 

Click here for the Phases of Panel Management document to learn more. 

Today’s post represents an initial orientation of The Phases of Panel Management, which will be followed by additional support and resources:

1. Orientation (Today): Phases document and videos

2. Resources (June 26th): Check-list for completion and additional resources 

3. Follow up (Week of July 2nd): Q & A Webinar

If you have any immediate questions, plesse post in the Phases of Panel Management forum.