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Movie Mondays ! (Week 4)

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Movie Mondays ! (Week 4)
by Shenise Power - Monday, 18 June 2018, 10:35 AM

Welcome to Movie Monday’s!

Each Monday for the month of May and June we will be releasing a new training or informational video (or series of videos). These videos will aid in the onboarding process of new team members, provide a refresh of some material for those who have been with us a bit longer as well as new tips and tricks on various topics involved in your role with PSP. All of these videos can be found through the hyperlink or through the navigation path below as they are released each Monday.

Exchange Navigation Path:


Training and Development -- Orientation Videos -- Understand Your Patient Panel


Videos released this week:

Phases of Panel Management (1) : Empanelment and Overview

Phases of Panel Management: (2) Calculating Panel Size

 Phases of Panel Management: (3) Maintaining Office Workflow

 Phases of Panel Management: (4) Panel Clean-up

 Phases of Panel Management: (5) Panel Optimization  


In a previous communication this week you will have learned about the expansion of the Patient Panel program moving to one of Panel Management. The Phases of Panel Management were designed to organize the work involved in moving towards pro-active care. The Phases are; Phase 1: Empanelment, Phase 2: Panel Clean-up, Phase 3: Panel Optimization, all with underlying office workflow considerations.

Phases of Panel Management ( Visual Graphic)  


Grab your morning coffee or tea and take a look!

Happy watching


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